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1.1 Background and History

In this episode we look at the background and history of Israel that brings them to the banks of the Jordan River. This is the inaugural JoshauJudgesRuth podcast. Through this podcast I’ll look at the history of ancient Israel through the eyes of the Old Testament writers, beginning at the book of Joshua. Though I’m beginning at Joshua, we’ll be referencing and going back to Genesis through Deuteronomy in many episodes.

We don’t know a lot about ancient Israel, and in fact the Bible is our only source of information for much of the Israelites’ early history. But the Bible wasn’t written as a history book and so it can be difficult to establish a narrative that reconciles with modern day archeology based on Hebrew scripture alone. Very little, if any, archeology corroborates specific stories from the books of Moses and Joshua and so many historians and archeologists see the Pentateuch and Joshua as an origin myth. The stories are set in the general milleue of ancient Palestine but the details are largely legend.

I’d like to look at these stories and explore what we do know about the people and places described in the Old Testament, assuming that the biblical writers are telling the truth, but also letting history and archeology tell us their side of the story as well. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Thank you for listening and, as always, be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you?