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2.01 Getting Judgy with the Judges

We begin our look at the book of Judges today. It’s a well known fact and not just this podcaster’s opinion that Judges is the most fascinating book in the Bible. If you like narrative Judges has it in spades. If you like to hear the old Bible stories you used to hear as a kid, there’s plenty of that in Judges. And if you like the old ultraviolence, well we won’t shy away from that either.

I start off giving a little background and history. Who wrote Judges? When did he write it? Stuff like that. I then jump into chapter one. Episode 2.01 doesn’t quite make it all the way through chapter one, so we’ll have some to savor later.

As promised in the audio portion of the podcast here are some pics of my visit to the tent of meeting. We visited this traveling display on a very wet and chilly day on its stop in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I had to furtively take these pics since we weren’t supposed have cameras out as the organizers intended the visit to be contemplative and spiritual.

The wall that went around the perimeter of the tabernacle grounds.
The alter within the perimeter of the tabernacle.
The columns at the entrance to the tabernacle.

Sorry, now that I look at them I see the pics aren’t great. But like I said, I had to sneak to take them. I couldn’t get any from inside the tabernacle because other people were in there and my flash would’ve ruined the mood and totally blinded them.

At any rate, enjoy the episode and thank you for listening. Be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you?

Ken Lanning
June 17, 2017
Clinton, MO

1.18 Division, Dan, and Refuge

Today’s podcast divides up the rest of the Promised Land amongst¬†the seven tribes of Israel who have not received land up to this point. We’ll find out which tribes got that primo real estate along the Mediterranean.

We’ll learn a little about Dan. Not Dan the Man, but Dan the tribe of Israel, and how he, or they, let that primo real estate slip from their grasp.

We then turn our attention to the cities of refuge. These were towns you could run to if you accidentally killed your friend before one of his relatives could kill you.

All that and more in today’s exciting installment of JoshuaJudgesRuth. Thank you for listening. Be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you?

Ken Lanning
Clinton, MO
July 3, 2016, 17:42

1.17 Land for Everyone

In today’s episode we talk about marrying cousins for some reason and we look at why Manasseh was so whiny.

Caleb and Judah have received their land but Caleb needs someone to capture a city, and his nephew arises to the occasion.

Ephraim and Manasseh, Jacob’s favorite grandsons, receive their land, but all of them, Judah, Ephraim, and Manasseh are having trouble pushing out the pesky Canaanites.

Thank you for listening and as always, be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you.

Ken Lanning
Clinton, MO
May 30, 2016

1.13 (More Conquest)

Today we look at the rest of chapter 10 and then we get started with chapter 11, which means we finish up the southern conquest and get started conquesting the north.

The king of Hazor picks the fight in chapter 11, but before that it was  Adoni-zedek down in Jerusalem. Joshua makes a whirlwind tour through southern Palestine, kicks butt, and takes names.

But does he take all the names, or are there some details the writer doesn’t give us? Does he conquer every square inch of the Promised Land or are there areas left untouched by Israelite hand?

We’ll learn just a little about Hazor and we’ll find out who is buried in Abraham’s tomb. Thanks for listening. And as you’re out conquesting be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you?

Ken Lanning
December 2, 2015
Clinton, Missouri