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1.19 The Altar of Witness

The Levites, what I call the 13th tribe, get their land, and they are positively urban dwellers, though they do need a little acreage for their flocks and cattle.

You know who else needs land for their flocks and cattle? The Reubenites, the Gadites, and the half tribe of Manasseh. Having fought the war of conquest these tribes are free to return to the land allotted to them east of the Jordan.

On their way back home they stop and do something that really ticks off the tribes west of the Jordan. They’re so put out by it they want to go to war. Will cooler heads prevail or will we see the first Israelite civil war? Tune in to find out, or read Joshua 22. Whatever.

Thanks for listening. Be strong and courageous. Have I not commanded you?

Ken Lanning
Clinton, MO
August 28, 2016